Pump Stations: Inlet Considerations

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The job of the inlet is to convey the liquid from the inlet pipe to the impeller entrance in a fashion that imposes minimal loss, and creates the most uniform velocity profile at the impeller entrance. Therefore, the ideal inlet geometry is a straight pipe entrance with a slight taper from the pipe flange to the impeller eye. The taper slightly increases the velocity and tends to stabilize the fluid streamlines prior to the impeller. All curved inlets cause at least a minor penalty and in some cases a major efficiency penalty. This includes straight inlets with an elbow attached …

APWA Golf Tournament Genoa

Jensen Precast Sponsors APWA Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe, California

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Golfers enjoy a day on the green with Jensen Precast at Genoa Lakes Golf Course in Genoa, Nevada, on September 28, as part of the American Public Works Association Fall Conference. The annual three day event serves as a great opportunity for Jensen Precast representatives to discuss cost-effective solutions, agency requirements and recent projects with other professionals in the public works sector.

Designing Pump Stations to be Wipes Ready (WEF eShowcase)

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Our division manager recently had the opportunity to present an eShowcase webcast for the Water Environment Federation (WEF). The discussion focused on the effect that nondispersible wipes have on submersible sewage pump stations and what steps designers can take to overcome these challenges. The specific challenges that wipes present for pump stations include: Effects on submersible pumps (ragging, shaft deflection) Effects on level detection (electrical shorts, float failure) Collection of debris & Fats/Oils/Grease (FOG) layer Each challenge has its own unique solution, or combination of solutions. By understanding the challenges that each unique pump station application presents and pairing the appropriate solution, designers can …