Jensen Precast supplies a complete line of retaining wall and free standing wall products. As a licensed supplier of Redi-Rock International, we use proven technology in designing and building some of the most beautiful landscapes for home or industrial use today.

When you use Redi-Rock walls, you get several advantages:

Redi-Rock's rock wall retaining wall systems are efficient, long lasting, and are easier to install than many other rock wall systems.

Redi-Rock's segmental retaining wall units utilize blocks weighing over 1 ton each. The massive scale of the retaining wall system allows wall construction without using Geo-grid to achieve heights unattainable by other retaining wall systems. Also, taller reinforced retaining walls can be designed with our geo-connector.

Our concrete retaining walls, freestanding retaining walls, columns, landscaping steps, and retaining wall column caps capture the look of natural, quarried rock walls. Redi-Rock has developed its retaining wall product line with attention to natural hardscapes and has thus developed a retaining wall system that looks so natural that many mistake our retaining walls for quarried stone.

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