Jensen Precast Concrete Buildings Are the Standard for Efficiency and Versatility.

JENSEN PRECAST Buildings: The Largest Selection of Standard and Custom Designs, Sizes, Finishes, Options and Applications

Parks and Recreation – Restrooms, Shelters, Concessions, Dugouts, Ticket Booths, Security Shacks, Press Boxes, Field Houses, Locker/Shower Rooms, Offices, Visitor Centers, Animal Housing, Pool Facilities, Pump Houses, Electrical-Mechanical, Hazmat, Storage, Workshops, Maintenance Buildings.

Schools – Classrooms, Restrooms, Dugouts, Press Boxes, Concessions, Field Houses, Locker/Shower Rooms, Ticket Booths, Security Shacks, Offices, Maintenance Buildings, Electrical-Mechanical, HazMat, Workshops, Pump Houses, Shelters, Storage.

Water and Waste – Pump House/Station, Lift Station, Well House, Meter Pit, Water Treatment, Headworks, Belt Filter Press, Blowers, Solids Processing, Boiler Building, Generator Building, HazMat Containment, Methanol Building, Hypochlorite Building, Chlorine Building, Odor Control Building, Operations and Control Buildings, Offices, Restrooms, Laboratories, Maintenance Buildings, Equipment Shelters.

Utilities - Power Plants, Sub-Stations, Battery & Generator Buildings, Municipal Infrastructure, Solar & Wind Generation Buildings, Telecommunications Buildings, Laboratories, Process Analytical Shelters, Sensor Stations, Workshops, Equipment Shelters, Offices, Storage, Restrooms, Garage Enclosures.

Energy - Sub-Stations, Control Buildings, Oil and Gas: Field & Refinery Buildings, Process Analytical Shelter, SCADA Building, Sensor Stations, Gas Regulator, Laboratories, Solar & Wind Generation Buildings, Battery & Generator Buildings, Equipment Shelters, Offices, Workshops, Storage, Restrooms, HazMat Containment.

Communications – Data Centers, Communications Equipment Housing, Telecom Shelters, Fiber Optic Regeneration, Cable Equipment Storage, Radio and TV Tower Buildings, Cell Tower Buildings, Remote Mountaintop Installations, Generator Buildings.

Transportation – Equipment Shelters, Security Stations, Toll Booths, Communications Buildings, Control Buildings, Offices, Workshops, Electro-Mechanical, Battery & Generator Buildings, HazMat, Storage, Restrooms.

Military – Communications Buildings, Ammunition Storage, Guard Houses, Security Stations, Training Facilities, Classrooms, Shooting Range, Observation Towers, Data Centers, High-Security Storage, HazMat Storage, Electro- Mechanical, Garage & Maintenance Buildings, Operational HQ, Offices, Warehouses, Parks and Rec, Restrooms

Secured Installations – High-Security Storage, Data Centers, HazMat Storage, Ammunition Storage, High-Valued Equipment Shelters, Control Buildings, Generator Buildings, Communications Buildings, Security Stations, Airports & Train Stations, Remote AT M Structures, Laboratories, Storm Shelters, Flood Resistant Applications, Shooting Ranges, Observation Towers, Offices, Maintenance Buildings, Workshops.


Joyce Berben
Joyce Berben
Sales Project Coordinator
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